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Minggu, 11 Maret 2012

Knowledge of Characteristic Signals from CDMA BTS

Actually I do not understand very well about CDMA, but here I will always try to learn and share with you about what I've learned. I'll share a little about the characteristics of CDMA BTS to do with the signal or internet speed you get. All that would tip-unjungnya associated with the position of determining achievement. The better position you get the better speed you will get.

Lots of wireless broadband internet users / mobile broadband internet to the chagrin of the quality obtained. Not only Smartfren only. If you are searching on Google with the keywords that disfigure an operator there must be a blog or a forum to discuss it.

Many users are asking, in his ads have promised speed up to 3.1 Mbps to 14.7 Mbps even up, but why the speed that I got did not achieve much, boro-boro, people can not have half of it? Pledge up to 3.1 Mbps speed but I got under 1 Mbps. How ya quality, really like this degenerate?

Remember! You are a user of wireless broadband that uses radio / RF as medium of instruction, not to be confused with cable internet users. Users of mobile broadband / wireless broadband interference prone to occur. Location, weather, user density, building thick, modems are used, they become a source of broadband wireless internet interference. But beneath the user's wireless broadband interference is perfect for those of you who have a high mobility, often sedentary, nomadic.

Below I provide a screenshot of how you can determine the position of the achievements, the more you get closer to the base stations that you get high speed.

Blue graph while the graph for EVDO Rev.B yellow for EVDO Rev.A. That is a picture kasarannya speed would you get based on location, where the signal to the user there is no interruption or is not blocked by buildings. The more remote your location with a smaller base stations also speed you get.

While the CDMA network using frequencies in the 800 Mhz and 1900 Mhz. There are both differences in the resulting digital sound frequency 1900 MHz is much more clearly than the 800 Mhz. But the 1900 MHz range is also shorter than the 800 Mhz. 800 Mhz frequency can reach up to 5-6 km, while 1900 MHz is only capable of up to 2 Km. If you already know where you are much closer to the BTS or BTS then you can predict your own.

Then there is the case, in the picture above my location is at the median rate, but why do I get speed like in the Cell edge rate? As I said above, the maximum speed can be obtained from the signal until the user does not experience problems such as high-rise buildings, mountains, buildings and others. We see the following picture :

Direct ray signal means that up to the user unobstructed. While the reflected ray signal means that up to the user through the reflection of the form of buildings, mountains, or other buildings. So if your site is surrounded by tall buildings, why can signal to you? That's because the signal is reflected by the buildings themselves, rather than penetrate. So while the direct ray is much better than the reflected ray. If the location you are in the direct rays of the speed you get will be better than the location of the reflected rays are on.

Then someone asks me again, my location there are no high buildings, the signal is good, but why speed is still slow? We see again the following picture :

There are weaknesses in the CDMA base station signal coverage will be strongly influenced by how many users. The more users who use the internet at the same time it also narrowed the range. If we again see the first image above, you could initially be in the position of Peak rate, but as we get the user (the same with your operator) then your position might be in the median rate. Again this affects the quality of the internet.

Then there is the question again, I was a bit of user location, but why do I get the speed is still slow? From where you know the user at the location you were little? You have a survey? Ditanyain to people one on one, or ask you to pack camat?

Okay, let's say you are correct, the user at the location you were little, and some have said, Internet users in my area but dense but why do I get internet speed is still high huh? The capacity of each BTS would differ, this is all that determines the respective ISP. If at one location is considered necessary to upgrade the capacity of the BTS for a growing user may then be performed. If a location has not felt the need to upgrade considerations may even spend the money only, it is not upgradeable.

Once again here I am still learning so maybe do not know much about it. However, hopefully a little explanation about the characteristics of the CDMA base stations are able to give my knowledge to you, and hopefully you can accept the current state of your internet.

Image credit by Kaskus.us
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