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Senin, 12 Maret 2012

Cool Thing About Google Chrome Features That might not You Know

Google Chrome as a browser that Minimalism with a variety of features that are owned, and many extensions that have made this browser has many takers and users. As well as a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier.

- Speed
Google Chrome is designed to be fast in every way possible: fast to start from your desktop, many web pages in a snap and running complex web applications faster. Learn more about Chrome and speed.

- Simplicity
Google Chrome browser window lean, clean and simple. Chrome also includes features designed for efficiency and ease of use. For example, you can search and navigate from the same box and set the tabs however you want-quickly and easily.

- Security
Google Chrome is designed to make you safer and on the web, with built-in malware and phishing protection, auto-update to ensure that the browser is up to date with the latest security updates and more. Learn more about the security features of Chrome.

- And many more features
Chrome has many useful features are built, including extensions, translations in the browser, themes and more. Learn more about the latest features and best-loved Chrome.

But, you know? Actually Chrome browser has a lot of cool features that you do not know. If you already know will these features will certainly make your browsing experience more attractive and easier than using another browser.

Here are some cool features that you might not know.

1. Pin Tab.

Its function is to separate the tabs between the tabs that are opened or viewed with a no. To use it simply right click on the tab that opens, press the "Pin Tab" and convert tabs to favicon and will automatically shift to the left.

2. Paste and Go / Paste and Search.

If you copy any URL and intend to visit the site in Chrome, then instead of doing Ctrl V and Enter in the address bar, you can right click and click "Paste and Go" ["Push and go"]. Same for the text you want to search by text using the Chrome address bar. Right click and "Paste and Search" ["Press and search"]. Of course this feature can save you time.

3. Download Drag and Drop.

You can easily drag the downloaded file from Chrome to the desktop or another folder on your computer. That means, from now on, no need to go and change the location every time you want to download the file to be downloaded in a separate place other than the desktop (or downloads folder).

4. Resources Page.

The Resources section is useful for webmasters and anyone who has a website and would like to know how fast the site in the browser. As you can see in the picture above, there are various options available to explore. Simply press Ctrl + Shift + I.

5. Task Manager.

Chrome treats each tab as a separate process so that if one of them started having problems [crash], it can be closed or can be prevented. It offers a built-in task manager to let you see the memory and CPU resources consumed by each tab. simply click on Tools [Tools]> Task Manager or by pressing Shift + Esc.

6. Quick calculation results of the Address Bar.

Perform calculations by typing the numbers in the address bar, like a calculator, just type eg 12 * 50 in the address bar and wait a minute. The result will appear automatically.

7. Drag and Resize Text Box on the Webpage.

Another very useful feature. text box on a Web page is annoying. Usually the size is too small and after typing a few lines, you get an annoying scroll bar. On Chrome, you simply drag the box from the corner and make it bigger. Suitable for writing text on the status of Twitter, Facebook, or other social media.

8. About: memory.

Chrome provides "About: memory," the page can be accessed by typing about: memory in the address bar. This provides detailed data on how different processes in the browser in use of memory consumption.

9. Application Shortcuts.

You can create standalone applications from web pages in Chrome by using the Tools [Tools]> Create application shortcuts [Create application shortcuts]. This option can be used for sites that you frequently use and need them open all the time.

10. Bookmarks Sync (and AutoFills, Extensions) for Google Account.

This could prove to be a very useful feature, with a Google account you have, you can sync your browser data such as History, Themes, Settings, Bookmarks, etc on the Chrome browser even different computers.

11. Select Open All Tabs [Reopen Tabs].

Chrome has an option that lets you open the page that has been covered before. If the browser crashes for some reason and you have many tabs open. Make sure this option is checked. Open the Option settings [Options].

12. Setting the Thumbnail Using Full Screen key.

Tip was contributed by a reader in the direction of Lifehacker. You may not notice this, but if you have more than one Chrome window open and you use Windows 7, they will exchange the position of the thumbnail if you do a full screen (F11) on one of them. So, if you want to set the thumbnail in a specific order, you can use the F11 key to do the same so that the position changed again.

13. Copy Paste Text only.

You know that if you copy anything from web page and paste it to some other application (except for a pure text editor such as Notepad), they carry all sorts of HTML and CSS with the text.
Next time, when you copy stuff from Chrome, and wanted to paste it elsewhere in Chrome itself (such as writing in Gmail, or Google Docs document, or create a blog post), use Ctrl + Shift + V instead of Ctrl + V if you just to the text. Quick and easy is not it.

If you want to download click here or here.

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