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Minggu, 11 Maret 2012

How to use the Software QXDM and QPST

This time I will share about how to use the software QXDM and QPST. Actually this tutorial has been widely circulated on other blogs, but since the idea can not only be able to give tips so stale it. QXDM and QPST software used to search for the best signal, or it could be to determine the nearest BTS. QXDM and QPST usually does this help us while pointing to an external antenna such as Yagi antenna, external antenna lead position in the right position so they can get a good signal.
Previous QXDM and QPST software only supports the air-modem chipset Qualcomm. To modem Huawei products and Pantech Qualcomm chipset already had, for the other modem did not know well. Here I use the modem EC306-2 as experimental material, just to practice.
1. Download QXDM software in here and QPST software in here. If you've got no need to download again.
2. Install the software first and then install QPST QXDM.
3. Turn off your internet connection, open Device Manager computer and note the port used by the modem. On my computer there are two ports used modem EC306-2, but I chose the first port is COM3. Record yes, the modem on COM3. Your computer may be different for the modem port, adjust it.

4. Out of the modem application (UI) in order not to scramble when running QPST port. Run QPST Configuration software. Click on the Port and then click Add new port.

5. Uncheck the Show serial and USB , to look at all the ports. Select the COM port used on your modem. See step 3 above again, I choose COM3, select one yes.

6. Now open QXDM Professional. Click on Options >> Communications.

7. In the Target Port select the port your modem is COM3 earlier example, to let Disconnect GPS server port. Then click OK.

8. Now open the modem (modem UI) and connect to the internet
9. Back to QXDM, which need to be considered here there are two items. HDR Power and HDR Pilot Sets. On the menu View select HDR Power and then select another HDR Pilot Sets.

How do I read this QXDM software?

1. Look at the window of HDR Pilot Sets
Consider the set and the Active Energy Pilot, the Pilot Energy close to 0 (zero) means that the better and make sure the Active set is detected only one sector, there are sometimes up to two Pilot PN detected. If the Pilot PN detected two means you have to rotate your antenna to get stable on one sector and then look for the smallest Energy Pilot (approaching zero), I get -1 means good enough because -0 is very difficult to get especially if solid user.

2. Look at the window HDR Power
To find out how much signal strength you get, right-click on the graph and select Cursor

Then the right will display the signal strength, look at the RX Antenna 0 and RX Antenna 1

Here I only get a signal -78 dbm. The closer to zero means that the signal is getting better, getting closer to -100 means that the worse the signal. If your home or even tetanggaan under BTS can probably get -40. -78 Means I get my house to BTS distance of approximately 2 Km.
Okay so first I share about the use of QXDM and QPST software, especially if you want to do an external antenna pointing, and QPST software QXDM this would be helpful. Perhaps there are many uses and QPST QXDM this, but I'll share at another time.

May be useful for you
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  3. bang untuk instalasi di win 8 kok gagal terus yah ? gini error nya "Error.., QXDM required Windows Internet Explorer 6.0 or Higher.., The instalation wil be Aborted"

  4. Can you provide any information for testing QCHAT(push to talk) with QXDM?

  5. So confusing....the result of google's translating....please write down in a good english or publish in Bahasa Indonesia would be better.....

  6. Permisi Min,
    "Error.., QXDM required Windows Internet Explorer 6.0 or Higher.., The instalation wil be Aborted"

    Kalau pesannya kayak gitu, coba install yang ini:
    http://www.4shared.com/zip/su4Us5TI/qxdm_312714_winxp.html (support windows 7 dan 8 X32/64, IE 10)

    I have tried and its worked

    Lengkapnya silahkan menuju kesini:

    Bye Bye, Hope this helpful

  7. when I turn my phone wifi on it put my phone in to reboot cycle only solution is hard reset and not turning wifi on.Is there any other solution like with QPST


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